The 2021 Catskill Mountain Maple Open House and Syrup Buy Day will be held April 24 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Covid 19 protocols will be followed mask are required and social distancing will be observed. Box lunches will be served.  The 2021 bulk syrup prices per pound are as follows: Golden $2.40,Amber $2.30,Dark $2.20, Very Dark $2.00, processing $1.10 and Ropy $0.75. Organic prices: Golden $2.60,Amber $2.50,Dark $2.40, Very Dark $2.15, Processing $1.10 and Ropy $ 0.75.  Syrup must be in 30 gallon or larger drums they must be food grade plastic, epoxy lined or Stainless Steel.