Anti-Microbial Maple Sap Spouts

Catskill Mountain Maple has partnered with Maple Innovations to bring you Zap-Bac antimicrobial maple sap spouts, the most technologically advanced spout in the industry. Zap-Bac spouts are available in 5/16 full spout or 5/16 adapter style to fit all brands of stubby. Proven and tested by Cornell University to increase sap production by 70%, with a 5 year life on full spout and 2 year life on adapter style.

Features & Benefits of Zap-Bac

All materials are FDA approved for food and water. Three year life on eco-style spout; two year life on adapter style. Tap early and still get good late season sapflows.

How They Work

When microbes such as bacteria, yeast, or mold come in contact with the Zap-Bac spout, silver ions inhibit their growth and they die. The spout is protected from infiltrations of microbes by cutting-edge technology , the same technology used today in the medical field to protect human implants such as artificial heart valves.

Care for your Zap-Bac spout

  • Like any other spouts, they should be removed from the tree as soon as possible in the spring.
  • We suggest when replacing the eco-style apout after 3 years that you also replace the drop line at the same time.
  • With adapter style, replace every 2 years and the drop line after 3 years.

Cornell University Studies Showed

  • Over 70% increase in sap production on vacuum systems
  • Over 125% increase on gravity

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