Here is updated info on bulk syrup purchases from Bascom’s :

At the present time Catskill Mountain Maple through Bascom’s cannot purchase syrup any earlier than May 4 Th. My guess is towards the end of May. I do however have what the prices will be once I get the okay from Bascom’s: (prices are per pound)

Golden $2.10                              Golden Organic $2.25

Amber $2.00                               Amber and Dark organic $2.15

Dark    $1.90

Very Dark $1.80                         Very Dark Organic $1.95

Processing( buddy, off flavor) Regular and Organic $1.10

Ropey, Moldy, Fermented  $.75

If I have purchased syrup from you in the past I will mail you an information card once things have been set. Thanks for you patience in this matter. Tom Kaufman

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